Weight loss is a weird thing, because when your goal weight is far away you have this model mentality about being skinny, and then once you get there, you’ve still got the same body type you had before, its just…smaller.

The further I get from the biggest I was, its harder to remember how far I’ve come, and therefore easier to get discouraged about my shape, if that makes any sense. Not to say I don’t think I’m a total babe at least like, 95% of the time, but occasionally I fall victim to the constant onslaught of images of tiny tiny women that we’re all subjected to daily.

Maintenance is a weird place to be in, because even though I could go down a bit, and could tone up a bit (and am hoping to do so) not much is going to change from here as far as overall size and shape goes. Which is weird and hard to wrap my brain around. It’s not always the easiest to feel 100% okay with being on the curvier end of healthy. 

I’ve spent this morning looking at old photos of myself, there arent a ton of me at my biggest (because I was the saddest ever and avoided cameras like the plague) but I scrounged up some before and after pictures, and I’m gonna post em here, because I think its good to remind myself of where I’ve been, and how far I’ve come, especially on days where I’m feeling a bit discouraged. Because at the end of the day, I’m healthier and happier than ever, and a few photos of skinny ladies on tumblr shouldnt take that away from me.  

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